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My name is Ally. I used to live in Wellington but then I moved to Sydney.

Big fat ice-cream enthusiast.

Queer white lady.

Femme babe from hell.

I'm a bit like Michelangelo but with an eyebrow pencil.
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Hello Tumblr! Do you live in Wellington? What are you doing tomorrow night? If you wanted to you could come and see me speak at Pecha Kucha. I’m going to be talking about fat bodies (incl. mine) and fat blogs (incl. mine). Unfortunately, it’s weather dependent and what with this WEATHER BOMB I’m a little uncertain if it will be going ahead. I’ll update you here tomorrow though.  Also, this is one of my slides. Just me, being fat in some trousers. 

P.S. Thanks Stevie for helping me make my slides when I just thought I could use MS Paint.

  1. lavenderlavia said: I live in Wellington and I would have loved to hear you talk. I saw you once at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and I was so overwhelmed with Tumblr crush-love that I just giggled and ran away :)
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    Hey Tumblr, apologies for my shitty late notice but I won’t be speaking tonight due to migraine weirdness. The other...
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