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“Ann Skank”: Trivializing and Sexualizing the Holocaust for Halloween [Sociological Images]

At the intersection of the trivializing of horrific violence aimed at ethnic/religious groups and the pornification of American culture, comes this “Ann Skank” costume[…] Yes that is, indeed, a woman dressed up like Anne Frank, the Jewish child who hid from the Nazis for two years, only to be discovered and moved to a concentration camp where she died from Typhus.  Her companions are dressed up like Nazi soldiers.  The Halloween revelers who made the choice to sexualize and laugh at this 15-year-old victim of the holocaust are graduate students in the Creative Writing program at Florida State University.

All three of them can go straight to hell. Do not pass go; do not collect $200.

I hope their names get blown up on the Internetz soon so that people recognize these FSU pieces of shit and render their yet-unearned MFAs completely worthless for getting any jobs. Shitheads.

What cunts. The star of David on her costume makes me feel sick.

I want to be sick. 

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    O.O WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS THESE DAYS? As a Jew, this doesn’t offend me so much as it scares me. This...
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    I am so horrified. I hope these people never get jobs. Of any kind.
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    Aw, OP, you’re adorable. An MFA in Creative Writing is already worthless for getting a job! (It’s okay, I can make these...
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    Wow. Photo’s been removed upon request though you can find it here.
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    I just vomited. Vomited everywhere.
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    I want to be sick.
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    Reblogging for the commentary.
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    Oh and see, the image has been removed - because obviously their poor fucking taste in costumes and humor just might get...
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    What the hell were they thinking? Seriously, how is this okay?
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    this is so fucking disgusting.
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    This is ridiculous, people are so fucking ignorant.
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    All of this and more.
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    I crack some fucked up jokes but this is beyond distasteful. shame on them.
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    THIS IS COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS!!!! How can people do this They can just go fuck themselves
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    ughh so stupid
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    this is most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.
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